New Dawn Charter Schools Leadership

New Dawn Charter Schools Organizational Model

While New Dawn policy is set by its Board of Trustees, the Board delegates day-to-day decision making to the Executive Director and holds the Executive Director responsible for the administration of policy, the execution of Board decisions, the operation of New Dawn and for keeping the Board informed about the operation of the school and other functions. In turn, the Executive Director delegates responsibility to members of the Leadership Team as necessary to ensure the efficient operation of New Dawn.

Executive Director: Dr. Sara M. Asmussen

 Dr. Sara Asmussen 

New Dawn's Executive Director and founder, Dr. Sara M. Asmussen

Dr. Sara Asmussen,  Executive Director of New Dawn Charter Schools, is from the state of Idaho and is an avid cat-lover. She is passionate about education and equity for all students. She has dedicated her career to being a champion for students, parents and families, faculty, and staff. She is responsible for all school operations and she is accountable to our Board of Trustees.  Dr. Asmussen guides the policy of the school and follows through with Board decisions on a day to day basis. 

In addition, Dr. A has been awarded numerous grant and funding opportunities. She has led the charge during financing, purchase, and full renovation of our founding location at 242 Hoyt Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. 


The school’s highly skilled and experienced leadership team includes the following members: